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"Best in Livingston County"

Livingston Press and Argus 2023

Fresh prepped soups.


Traditional thin egg noodles, or try our hand rolled silver noodles


Home made dumplings made to order


Our story in Howell

Our parents started this restaurant in 1987 after they immigrated from Hong Kong.  Like many others, through hard work they established a great reputation with their philosophy.  At Golden House, fresh food, quality ingredients, and treating our customers and employees like friends and family.  So far it has worked great, and we will always keep it that way.  Nothing makes us happier than you enjoying our food dining in or carrying out.


There has been a increase in awareness about gluten free, low sodium, or even low carb diets.  And we are here to announce we can help accommodate your needs. Almost all of our dishes are made to order, so for our glutey friends, have no fear, just specify that you have this allergy and one of our owners can assist you in what is available on our menu, or even tailor to what you want.  Same with low sodium and low carb diets. We have many existing dishes that are already low sodium and low carbs, and if you have no self control, we’ll go as far as taking your rice and noodles away… Just let us know, and we’ll be able to prepare meals the way you like.

Golden House Staff

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